The project is based on modification of qty 9 CASA CN 235 aircraft, 6 of them are to perform Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) missions for Turkish Navy and the remaining 3 aircraft for Turkish Coast Guard Maritime Surveillance Aircraft (MSA) activities.

Main contractor is THALES AIRBORNE SYSTEMS, and MARINEX is selected as the Purchasing Agent of

  • Parachutes and Survival Equipment
  • SAR Kits and Life Rafts
  • Cabin Oxygen System
  • Fuel Dump System
  • Windshield Washing System
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Stretchers

after a technical evaluation and preparation period of 18 months.

MARINEX successfully performed mainly the following activities within the scope of this 4-year project:

  • Timely supply and delivery of the parts / systems with special technical, logistics, and quality requirements, were arranged so as to provide a well-done collaboration with the end user and the a/c designer Indonesian Aerospace (IAE) for the further modification activities of the aircraft.

  • Necessary coordination was established among the various manufacturers and the main contractor in order to provide assembling of special component combination and design / manufacturing of new parts so as to meet specific needs of the customer, especially for Survival Equipment, and Fuel Jettison Pump, Shut off & Fuselage Valves of Fuel Dump System.

  • A new Windshield Washing System was designed and developed as per the changes requested by IAE. For this purpose, FAT procedures were prepared and performed at the manufacturer’s site; all tests, including Wind Tunnel, needed for the release of the delivery were achieved successfully. On-site applications for the samples were made to ensure accuracy. Qualification requirements were checked against the relevant documentation generated for the technical specifications.

  • All Logistic Support (ILS) requirements have been fully met for the provided systems / components, including but not limited to the certifications, test reports, technical data, and user / maintenance manuals.

  • Training procedures were designed and selected end user personnel has partaken in them for maintenance and periodical inspection of the parachutes, life preserver and survival equipment, and also full technical / hands-on training for the unpacking, testing, repacking and repair procedures of the SAR Kits and life rafts were provided.

  • Scheduled inspection/maintenance services have been performed regularly during the warranty period of parachutes, life preserver, survival equipment, SAR Kits, and life rafts.

In addition to the subject parts / systems, MARINEX has also been providing technical assistance / submitting offers for Mounting Trays, Generator Parts, ELT Installation on SAR Rafts, WWS Fluid, Cartridge Dehumidifiers, Water Charts, Harness Materials, Ground Support Equipment, like Aircraft Air Condition Unit (ACU) and Ground Power Unit (GPU), Golf Carts, etc., some of which are either under evaluation or included to the running contract.