MARINEX’ over-twenty five year experience with a gradually increasing customer portfolio in such a competitive market is the evidence of its success. Contract management may not seem the tough part of the job but it requires comprehensive knowledge and expert know-how. In this respect, MARINEX carries the responsibility to deliver systems, parts, equipments, and manage contracted system installation/integration projects. Furthermore, obligations are not confined to installation or delivery phase only; MARINEX also arranges training and post-delivery services including warranty management, if requested.

The following is a short list of materials provided by MARINEX:

•    Systems and spares for all types of military & commercial surface and underwater vessels
•    Systems and spares for all types of military & commercial planes and helicopters
•    Systems and spares for railway systems and vehicles
•    Spare parts of military ground vehicles
•    Military equipment, accessories and uniforms
•    Equipment for underwater and diver activities
•    Search & Rescue equipment
•    Equipment and spare parts for Fire Fighting Systems
•    All kinds of electrical, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic systems and spare parts for commercial & military applications
•    All types of batteries and battery components for military battery applications of Naval and Airborne materials
•    Systems and spares of engines, main or auxiliary power units, and control units for all types of military and commercial applications