Marinex will;

Acquire Specifications
- MARINEX is able to acquire all technical and administrative specifications, open to all bidders and published for restricted participants, from the relevant establishments.

Prepare Offers in Compliance with Technical and Administrative Specifications
- Ensuring technical specifications have been correctly followed and replied; ensuring all necessary documentation accompanies offer, without which offer will be rejected; ensuring legislative requirements are fully met. Provide expert counseling on suggested price level.

Participate in Price Negotiations
- Provide expert counselling on suggested price level.

Submit Performance Bond
- ( up to 10% of Contract value) in strict compliance with its mandatory format.

Attend to Details Pertaining to Contract
- Have contract certified by Chamber of Commerce and Consulate / or notarial attestation, if necessary.

Obtain End User Certificate and Arrange any necessary Export License Permission.
- End User Certificate and arrange any necessary Export License Permission.

Arrange Payment Terms
- MARINEX accepts payment terms and conditions imposed by governmental institutions, which is usually 10% at sight and 90% after final acceptance of goods. Supplier - MARINEX payment terms are subject to negotiation in accordance with the nature of business relationship, long-term standing, credit conditions, etc. and vary from cash before delivery to 30 days invoice payment, and L/C or Bank Guarantee.

Arrange Shipment Terms
- According to restrictions imposed, usually by Airlines or Marine Cargo Lines.

Attend Delivery Protocol
- When goods are inspected and counted.

Solve any Delivery Problems
- Incorrect or rejected items have to be replaced before authorization of payment.

Follow Release of Performance Bond
- This is usually valid until the end of the Warranty Period.