MARINEX is an engineering and logistics company, which was founded in Kiel -Germany and does participate in international bids regarding materials and supplies for over twenty five years.

The activities of MARINEX are maintained in its head office in Kiel.

Together with the liaison offices in Turkiye, representatives in Europe, Asia, and Australia, and a sister company in USA, MARINEX gathers all the strength from the technical skills of experienced engineers employed .

MARINEX’s principal activities involve providing systems, system components, spare parts for Army, Navy, Air Force, Gendarmerie, Government Establishments, and as well as Civilian Institutions, Organizations, and Associations from all over the world.

Our Mission is to exceed customer expectations through superseding service quality.

Our Vision is to become a global player in the rapidly-growing procurement service suppliers sector.

The main task of MARINEX is not only to satisfy the recent demands of the customers but also to cooperate with them to achieve their future objectives.

MARINEX provides:

  • Ship spares and systems
  • Diesel engines, reciprocating engines and their spare parts
  • Marine systems and equipments
  • Underwater equipments
  • Military equipments
  • Electrical, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic equipments for all military materials
  • Railway equipments, locomotive spare parts and systems
  • Aviation equipment and spare parts,
from more than 1200 different manufacturers in 5 continents.